Brass Products:


95/5: Cap Copper ideal for small pressings.
90/10: Gilding Copper demand for decorative applications.
85/15: Red Brass for Architectural.
80/20: Low Brass golden color, withstands brazing.
70/30: Cartridge Brass perfect for high ductility.
65/35: Red Brass good for general commercial pressing.
63/37: Yellow Brass fine example of general brass.





Excellent machinability
Easily to braze
Ductile and malleable
Readily finished/plated
corrosion resistance
Good Mechanical strength
Impact resistant
Attractive colour
Wear resistant



Given below are many industrial sectors and application of Brass sheets, strips and coils :


Automotive : Radiators & Wiring Harnesses
Computers : Connectors, Contacts & Lead Frames
Defence : Cartridge, Casings, Contacts, Detonators
Engineering : Heat Exchangers, Boiler Tubing
Electrical : Contacts, Connectors, Transformers, Battery Caps, Lamp Caps
Garments : Zippers, Buttons
General : Watch Dial









Technical Specifications :


Chemical composition of Brass
Brass - Typical mechanical properties