Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor Bronze


Phosphorous bronze, or tin bronze, is a type of alloy that contains copper, tin and phosphorous. Tin increases the corrosion resistance and strength of the alloy and phosphorous acts as a deoxidizing agent during the smelting process and increase wear resistance, hardness, fluidity and malleability.


Application of Phosphor Bronze:


Phosphorous bronze has high-flexibility, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance and widely used in electronic parts, connecting plates of tale-communication equipments, precision devices, durable components and anti-magnetic components in high-precision devices and metres, auto components and electrical components in machines. Phosphorous bronze is one of the most economical and commonly used high-precision copper alloy.



Typical Uses


Switch Parts
Fuse Clips










Technical Specifications


Chemical composition of Phosphor Bronze


Phosphor Bronze - Typical mechanical properties