Phosphorus Bronze Sheets

Phosphorus Bronze Sheets

Elevate your materials with phosphor bronze: Custom copper alloy infused with 3.5%-10% tin, tailored to your demands.
Unleashing the power of deoxidization: Phosphorus integration during the smelting process.
Recognized for resilience, strength, and reduced friction: The distinctive attributes of these alloys.
N.k. Metals: Your partner for tailored phosphor bronze sheets, crafted to fulfill your unique requirements.


Thickness:- 0.10MM TO 10MM
Size:- 12 INCH X 48 INCH
Hardness:- Soft,Half Hard, Hard & Spring Hard


Connectors, Clips for electrical switches, Switch components, Precious Valves, Pinion, Flat springs, Relay for electronics, Stampings, Auto Electricals. Clutch discs, fuse clips, fasteners, lock washers, and perforated sheets.

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