Copper Flats

Delivering top-tier copper flats across India with uncompromising quality standards. Experience unrivalled corrosion and rust resistance with our premium copper flats. Choose from our range of electrolytic and commercial quality copper flats, setting new standards in excellence.

Thickness: 1.5 MM to 100 MM
Width: 15 MM to 200 MM
Length: 10 FEET TO 12 FEET


  • Automobiles and railways
  • Wide Range of Electrical Industries. eg. Switch gears, Connectors etc.
  • Transformers & Circuit Breaker Terminals
  • Electrical Holders & Clamps
  • Distillation & Sugar Industry
  • Transformer connectors
  • Ferro Alloy Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Refining Plants
  • Cell houses
  • Furnace manufacturers

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