Phosphorus Bronze Rods

Phosphorus Bronze Rods


Embrace excellence with our sturdy copper-tin P.B. Rods.

Experience the wide applicability of phosphorus bronze rods across industries.

Discover the potential of our premium P.B. Rods: Perfect for pinions, gears, clips, heavy-duty springs, helical torsion, helical extension springs, bellows, truss wire, chemical hardware, perforated sheets, and textile machinery.


  • Diameter: 5MM TO 125MM
  • Length: 10 FEET TO 12 FEET


  • Architecture – Bridge Bearing Plates
  • Building – Thermostat Bellows
  • Consumer – Power Conductor for Electro-Surgical Pencil, Cymbals, Coinage
  • Electrical – Electronic Connectors, Electrical Flexing Contact Blades, Electrical Flexing Contact Blades, Electrical Connectors, Cold Headed Parts, Wire Brushes, Switch Parts, Fuse Clips
  • Fasteners – Fasteners, Heavy Duty, Lock Washers, Cotter Pins
  • Industrial – Doctor Blades, Paper Industry, Welding Wire, Beater Bar, Clutch Disks, Bourdon Tubing, Diaphragms, Sleeve Bushings, Springs, Heavy Duty, Pneumatic Hammers, Well Drill Equipment, Thrust Bearings, Cold Headed Parts, Pinions, Gears, Clips, Heavy Duty, Springs, Helical Torsion, Springs, Helical Extension, Bellows, Truss Wire, Chemical Hardware, Perforated Sheets, Textile Machinery.
  • Marine





Technical Specifications :

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